SamaBantu is a platform for crowd donation and distribution of cash to displaced workers. This is considered as short-term relief to cover essential food items and perhaps some household expenses.

It is a system based on honesty under which applicants who find themselves in this “qualified” situation, will be automatically granted financial assistance subject and limited to the amount of the donations received by SamaBantu.


To enable participation by the community, especially persons who have the urge to do good and are kindhearted enough to donate via a simple bank transfer. All amounts received will be uploaded periodically and displayed on the SamaBantu portal.

When a donation is received the equivalent disbursement to eligible recipients is automatically transacted by SamaBantu. Applications from qualified displaced workers will be processed and approved automatically by SamaBantu.


  1. Trustworthy
  2. Transparent – every dollar goes to beneficiary
  3. Simple – Every RM100 feeds a family a week.
  4. Tax efficient


SamaBantu is initiated by the trusted and well-respected Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur DiRaja, which was founded in 1928, and supported by the Malaysia Digital Economy Development Corporation – MDEC.


As a displaced worker who applies for cash payment of RM100 per week for your daily food essentials, you must be able to withstand an open public verification since your name and location will be published on the SamaBantu portal.


The system is totally transparent, trackable and auditible at any time. Thus it is accountable for both the donors and the recipients. Crowd checking and rating of the recipients is provided for as all the recipients will be displayed on the platform. No fees are payable to any party. Every single Ringgit less donors’ bank charges will go the the recipients.